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It Comes At Night

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My Roles:
Design // Concept //
Video editing

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It Comes At Night is a well-crafted psychological horror film about what happens in the middle of an apocalypse. The tone of the film is very tense and chilling, hence the design carries a lot of black space, clean images, simple design elements, as well as subtle animation style.

My role is to conceptualize and execute a design for the official website. The landing page should be unique, so I came up with the idea of having the video backgrounds change accordingly to time of the day. If users visit the site between 8am-8pm, the video background portrays life during the days using scenes taken from the movie. Likewise, during 8pm-8am, the video shows things that happen at night. I edit the background videos myself, using Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as GIFs on the Cast page (which activates on hover state.)

Beside the website, I also helped conceptualizing a number of video editorial and shareable social pieces.

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Homepage Video Background - Day

Homepage Video Background - Night

Website Video Capture

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