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Digital Product Designer


Meet me at the intersection of design, entertainment, and technology.

I love the idea of blending art, technology, and critical thinking together to create a beautiful and simple yet effective and powerful design. This combination greatly influences the way I approach my work. I'm a firm believer that every problem has a solution, and my goal is to find creative, thoughtful ways to solve it.

During the course of my design career, I've had the amazing opportunity to work with some top tier clients such as Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Fox, A24, Amazon, Lifetime, VH1, NFL Network, HBO, CNN, and many more.

My hobbies include geeking out on UI and web design trends, watching movies, rock climbing, capturing beautiful images, and going on adventures.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I am living in sunny Los Angeles, CA, currently making magic at ✨ Disney Parks, Experiences and Products ✨

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Community Engagement

I am passionate about helping other designers and giving back to the design community. In my free time, I help aspiring and young designers from around the world navigate their career by offering advice on topics like interview tips, portfolio review, design best practices, etc.
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Speaking Engagement
Ever since I was young, speaking to a group of people or being at the center of attention was never something I would enjoy. But in recent years I have come to realize that in order to keep progressing in my career, I would have to overcome my fear and get out of my comfort zone. One of my professional goals is to not only become a great speaker, but also to influence, motivate and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Below are my some of my past speaking engagements.

Art & Design Career Week Panelist
“Exploring Jobs and Career Paths in Art and Design”
Pasadena City College, 2021

Women in Tech Panelist
“Breaking Biases and Empowering the Future”
California State University, Monterey Bay, 2021
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Keynote Speaker
“Designing a Truly Accessible & Inclusive Product.”
Boston University‘s Catalyst 2021 Designathon, 2021
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︎ Adobe Creative Jam 2020 Finalist
︎ Spill the Beans
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