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Digitized Celebration Button (Concept)

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Walt Disney World & Disneyland App
A group of designers at Disney Park and Resort Digital got together to collectively generate succinct and well thought-out ideas around theming in our Digital products for the team and leadership to react to and find ways to implement.

POV Required

  • Who is your theme for?
  • When would your theme be present?
  • Why is this good for the guest?
  • Why is this good for the business?

Key Solutions

Make it personal — personalization transforms the app into one that is unique and specific to the guest and their park experience.  


Guests love the free celebration buttons they get at the park. It makes them feel special and makes the day way more magical. How might we bring this to the digital experience?

We can re-create the experience digitally by prompting guests with a simple question like “Are you celebrating any special occasion today?” 
Guest receives personalized eCard from their favorite Disney characters.
Celebration buttons 

Bringing it to the digital world

Leveraging Disney Characters

  • Design based on character avatar on guest’s profile to make Guest feel valued.
  • Opportunity to promote relevant events/experiences to drive purchases.

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